Does your website looks outdated….Or you are facing Compatibility issues , your website crash issues frequently.

The time you need to upgrade/redesign your website , you need to question yourself ?

  • Is our business website currently optimized for mobile devices?
  • Have our business goals changed since we last launched our site?
  • Is the branding on our current website outdated?
  • Does our website function properly?
  • Is our website set up for easy updates and content publishing? (In other words, is it on a content management system that makes website maintenance easy?)
  • Can our target audience easily navigate and find the best content to address their needs?
  • How are our business website metrics? Are we converting leads on our website?
Based on your answers to these questions, you should get a good idea of whether or not it’s time for a website redesign.

Next step you need to finalize a good website designing Company / team for this work who are capable of developing application in the latest known technology.

  • Audit your current website data, and prepare writeup content  and arrange required photos  to be uploaded with the content. You may also ask your website company for professional content writing.
  • Do analysis you competitors website for new ideas you may incorporate in you website.
  • Ask you Website designing company to make in more user friendly and easy accessibility of content they are searching form, more complex structure of website may lead to users drop.
  • Discuss about the  deadline to finalize the website redesigning work with the team.
  • Clearly discuss your goals and purpose for website upgradation .

Launch you new website : 

After months of auditing, planning, designing, and developing you’re finally ready to launch your new site. That’s super exciting!

Before launch, make sure you perform a pre-launch review of your site to confirm that everything with your new site is in order and ready to go. Your pre-launch review should include:

  • Checking for any broken links
  • Making sure your 301 redirects are all set
  • Verifying that the meta descriptions and page titles are correct for every page
  • Checking for any broken or missing images

Double-checking all of these items will not only save you from the future headache of rushing to try to fix issues post-launch, but also ensure a smooth transition for people from using your old website to using your new one.