End of HTTP, Buy SSL Certificate for your website

Its the time to secure your website with https by this year end.As per Google , 2016 may be the last year for HTTP, the google’s browser (Chrome) will identify and mark notification for websites that use insecure HTTP connections to transmit passwords and credit card data as insecure, beginning in January 2017.

This warning will appear in the address bar of the browser in order to alert the user that providing  your personal information in this website may be stolen or compromised .

The Chrome will add the security warning to HTTP pages when a user visits them in the browser’s “Incognito” mode, and later the warning will roll out to all HTTP pages.

It will force the website owners across the globe to switch to secure HTTPS to encrypt the data while in transit and helps prevent the site from being modified by a malicious user on the network.

The HTTPS is more secure and now available at a very reasonable cost. You need to install a SSL Certificate to your website, basic HTTPS protection starts form 500 INR onward, many companies like COMODO, Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte, Norton are offering wide range of SSL certificates as per the website requirements.

Google isn’t the only company leaning on websites in order to make their connections more secure. Apple said earlier this year that it would require app developers to force HTTPS connections for iOS apps by the end of 2016, and Facebook’s Instant Articles are served over HTTPS, automatically adding security for readers even if they wouldn’t get it on the publication’s own website. Pressure from some of the world’s biggest tech companies will undoubtedly push security forward for millions of people.

For this  January 2016 , Google Chrome users can start looking out for the security warning in the address bar of their browser. They will find a “Not Secure” written mark on  the address bar.