Implementing a SSL Certificate to your website makes the connection secure (encrypted) among webserver (your website) and your visitor web browser usually seen as a Green Bar with Https notation. It helps your user to make payments /login or transfer data  securely over the internet .

Now a days every webuser is concern about his/her privacy over internet. If you are running a website or an e-commerce website you should concern about your users privacy .

There are wide range of  SSL Certificates available in the market , its a big overhead to choose the best suited SSL Certificate for your website.

In order to increase trust among user for online surfing and transactions many of the search engine declares to promote secure websites, to encourage website owners to implement SSL Certificate.

Many SSL companies like Comodo, Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte have wide range of Certificates to suite your needs.

If you have personal website or blog Positive SSL Certificate by Comodo is the best choice  it usually costs ₹ 600 per year, shall be issued  within 10-15 minutes of order.

For Corporate website with multiple subdomain Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard is suitable which costs around  ₹ 2000 per year,shall be issued  within 10-15 minutes of order.

Now if you are running an Small Ecommerce Business online with payment gateway options Comodo EssentialSSL is suitable which costs around  ₹ 3000 per year,shall be issued  within 10-15 minutes of order.

All these SSL Certificates are for Domain Validation only. These certificate doesn’t verify the business name(existance) of the Organizations.

The Comodo EV (Extended Validation: a green bar on the web browser with your organization name in it ) SSL Certificate is best suited for large Ecommerce websites .Extended validation takes up to 10-12 business days to be issued , it validates the Physical existence of the company , Your company name must be registered with the appropriate Government Registration Agency. It costs around costs around  ₹ 8000 per year.