Though .com, .org, .biz are the most popular top level domain extensions in the internet world,  The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)  planned to  release more domain name extensions (gTLDs) every year. From the last 1 year ICANN has launched more the 700 domain names , these domain names provides an alternative to traditional domain extensions, inviting the users and business owners to choose the domain as per their interests or business requirements.

Few popular gTLDs launched this year are :

  • .guru
  • .city
  • .club
  • .gallery
  • .photography
  • .website
  • .army
  • .airforce
  • .navy
  • .finance
  • .home
  • .music
  • .life
  • .fashion
  • .villas
  • .news
  • .company
  • .email
  • .expert
  • .inc
  • .media
  • .education
  • .university

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